Open Beta. Config can be change but account will stay.
For game masters have no ordinary character. They do not have a guild and that means that they do not favor a guild and give them things. You can not donate things to get set or weapons. This is a server for everyone to play without people have to cheat their way

Version: Season 6 Episode 3.

Experience: 100 Exp
Drops: 45%
Max Levl: 400
Max Master Level: 200

Eventy server:
Blood Castle
Chaos Castle
White Mage Invasion
Red Dragon
Boss Attack
Happy Hour
Kalima Event
Castle Deep Event
Kantru Tower
Cry Wolf
Illusion Temple
Castle Siege

Sharpening stones:
Jewel of Life: 75%
Jewel of Soul: 65% (with no luck)
Jewel of Soul: 85% (with luck)
Jewel of Bless: 100%
Jewel of Harmony: 70%